About Us


We have been manufacturing white cement based wall putty under the brand name - TRUEFIT for close to a decade.

We have a well established network of dealers and distributors throughout Tamil Nadu. So we can provide you with our putty wherever you might be in the state.

Since inception, we have focussed completely on giving the best quality product that we can.

Constructing a house these days is no mean task and the costs associated with construction have sky-rocketted and it will no doubt reach astronomical heights in the future. Considering this, an average person would probably buy one or two homes in his/her lifetime.

It is the moral obligation of all manufacturers whose products go into constructing these hard earned homes to give the best that they can.

Apart from the design of the building, the painting is the key to achieving that beautiful look of your home. The base for all paints is the wall putty that you choose.

We believe that our TRUEFIT wall putty gives that strong backbone to the paint to ensure that your dream home becomes a reality.

We have a strong but committed team of professionals and practically knowledgeable people who can guide you through the sometimes bewildering choice of products available in the market.

We are always here to answer your questions, so please get in touch with us.